Make Money Off Your Older Flights


It may sound crazy. But you can actually make money off your older flights. But not off all flights of course. A list of criteria must be met. Basically, the flights need to be covered by the EU regulation 2004/261.

This regulation covers you when your flight is cancelled, overbooked or delayed for at least 3 hours upon arrival. You may be entitled to compensation, if you have experienced one of the above-mentioned events. It is a very easy and quick way to earn money.

The compensation amount can be between 100€ per person to 600 per person. It depends on your final destination and on the flight distance. But you can only earn money off flights that you have travelled with within the last three years,

Earn money on your delayed flights

You can make money off your delayed flights. The flight must be delayed for at least 3 hours upon arrival. You can only earn money for flights arranged by a European airline (Lufthansa or British Airways for example).

You can also earn money off flights arranged by non-European airlines. But the flight must be delayed within Europe. You may be entitled to compensation if your American Airlines flight gets delayed from France for instance.

But you cannot make money off flights that are delayed due to bad weather, war or conflicts. These are considered as extraordinary events, and extraordinary events do not entitle passengers to compensation according to the EU regulation.

Make money off cancelled and overbooked flights/h3>

You can also make money off flights that are cancelled. The flight must have been cancelled within the last three years. You make earn up to 600€ per person for cancelled flights. There are some exceptions though. These are the same as with delayed flights.

Sometimes airlines may sell more tickets than the actual number of seats in an aircraft. This is called overbooking. You may be entitled to compensation if you are denied access to your flight. But you must be delayed for at least three hours.

So, this is how you can make money of your older flights. You need to claim for compensation. You can claim for compensation via our homepage. It is quite simple and we will help and inform you about the process as it evolves.

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