Finnair – Cancellations, Delays and Overbookings


Finnair is a Finnish owned airline. Finland’s geographical location provides certain competitive advantages for Finnair. Finnair aims to become the most used airline company between Asia and Europe, by using this this advantage. The airline was established in 1923.

Delayed with Finnair? Here are your passenger rights

Finnair flights get cancelled, overbooked and delayed from time to time. This is unfortunately unavoidable. But you may be entitled to compensation if it happens. You may be compensated for as much as 600 € per person, if certain criteria are met.

According to the EU Regulation 261/2004, you may be entitled to compensation, if your flight is cancelled, overbooked or delayed for at least 3 hours. The regulation applies to all European airlines, so you are covered by the regulation, if you travel with Finnair.

You are entitled to 100 € per person for all domestic flights. You are entitled to 250€ - 400€ in compensation for flights within Europe (depending on your travel distance). You are entitled to 600€ pr. person if you travel between continents and your flight distance is more than 3500 kilometers.

Claiming procedure for compensation cases against Finnair

You are only entitled to compensation, if Finnair can be held responsible for the delay. Finnair are not responsible for delays and cancellations due to bad weather conditions or work conflicts. So, you are not entitled to compensation in such events.

Flycancel can make compensation claim on behalf of you, if your Finnair flight gets cancelled, overbooked, or delayed for at least 3 hours. Flycancel will contact the airline and request them to compensate you. Finnair may say that aren’t responsible for your delay. This is quite normal (airlines will do anything to avoid compensating passengers).

The local Aviation Authorities are the deciding entity in these cases. Flycancel can only start a compensation claim through the Aviation Authorities when airlines refuse to pay compensation. This is how the legal procedure works. Finnair must compensate you, if the Aviation Authorities conclude that they are blamable for your delay.

Claim for compensation your Finnair flight now

It is pretty easy to claim for compensation, if your Finnair Flights is delayed, cancelled or overbooked. Just fill out a compensation form on Make sure that you upload your ticket. Contact your travel agent or Finnair, if you are not in possession of your ticket.

Flycancel will evaluate you case and inform you about your rights. You will be asked to sign a power of attorney, if you wish to proceed with the case. Our service is completely free, if we fail to get you compensated. An administration fee will be deducted from your compensation – if we successfully win your case, and you receive your compensation.

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