British Airways – Delayed, Overbooked and Cancelled Flights


British Airways, was founded in 1974 in Great Britain. The airline flies to over 180 destinations worldwide. British Airways has a glorious history. They are remembered as being one of the two airlines companies to have owned the concorde.

The Concorde was an airplane, which could fly from London to New York in less than 4 hours. British Airways was once Great Britain's most used airline. However, Easyjet has now overtaken them by offering cheaper alternatives.

Passenger rights – delayed, cancelled and overbooked British Airways flights

You may be entitled to compensation, if your have flown with British Airways. You may be entitled to a compensation of up to 600 € per person. But certain criteria must be fulfilled. These criteria are written in to the EU Regulation 261/2004.

The EU regulation applies to all European airlines, so you are covered by the regulation, if you travel with British Airways. But you are only entitled to compensation if your flight has been cancelled, overbooked or delayed by at least 3 hours.

You are only entitled to compensation, if British Airways can be held responsible for the delay, cancellation or overbooking. According to the EU regulation, airlines cannot be held responsible for delays that are caused by terror threats, war or bad weather conditions.

Compensation claims against British Airways

The local Aviation Authorities are the deciding entity in these cases. They look at reports provided by the airlines. But they also look at reports from airports and reports from meteorological institutes. They assess all reports and make their final decisions accordingly.

British Airways must compensate you, if the local Aviation Authorities conclude that they are responsible for your flight delay or cancellation. Decisions made by the Aviation Authorities are final. Airlines cannot defy these decisions – in any way.

One can only make a claim trough the Aviation Authorities as a last resort – due to legal procedure. The Aviation Authorities will only review your claim, if the airline refuses to compensate you. Flycancel have won a lot of flight delay cases without the assistance of the Aviation Authorities – including cases against British Airways.

Flight delays and cancellations – Get Compensated by British Airways now!

You can make compensation claim against British Airways through Flycancel. Just visit and fill out the compensation form. Remember to upload your ticket. You can get a copy of your ticket by contacting your travel agent or British Airways.

You can also claim compensation for older flights – up to three years old. You can get compensated for as much as 600 € per person. The amount depends on your final destination and flight distance.

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