Cancelled, Delayed and Overbooked Norwegian Airlines Flights


Norwegian Air Shuttle is a Norwegian low cost airline. They were founded in 2002 with the vision of "affordable fares to all". The airline has 400 routes to 130 destinations worldwide. You are likely to get compensated, if you travel with Norwegian, and your flight gets overbooked, cancelled or delayed for at least 3 hours.

Is your Norwegian flight delayed or cancelled?

Norwegian flights are quite popular amongst passengers. In fact, the airline company is among the most used low-cost airlines. But like any other airline, Norwegian flights occasionally get overbooked, delayed and cancelled.

Luckily, you may be entitled to compensation. You may be entitled to an amount of up to 600€ pr. person. The flight must be overbooked, cancelled, or delayed for at least 3 hours, in order to be eligible for compensation. These rules are written in to the EU regulation 261/2004.

The EU regulation applies to all European airlines. The regulation also applies to all flights within the EU (including Switzerland, Norway and Iceland). As Norwegian checks both boxes, you may be entitled to financial compensation, if your Norwegian flight gets cancelled or delayed for more than 3 hours.

Compensation claims against delayed Norwegian flights

It's quite easy to start a case against Norwegian, if your flight has been cancelled, delayed, or if you have been denied boarding. Norwegian is easier to deal with than companies such as Pegasus Airlines and Easyjet.

The process is usually quite short. You only need a copy of your ticket or reservation from Norwegian airlines in order to start a claim. You can get a copy of your ticket by contacting your travel agent or Norwegian airlines, if you cannot find your ticket.

Please note that you can also claim compensation for older flights (as far as 3 years). Please read below to see how you can to apply for compensation for your cancelled or delayed Norwegian flight.

How to claim for compensation of delayed or cancelled flights with Norwegian airlines.

It's quite easy to start a case against Norwegian. All you need to do is to visit Submit your claim by filling out the form on our home page. We recommend that you upload your ticket as well.

Passengers tend to throw out their tickets when they finalize their trip. You can get a copy of your ticket by contacting your travel agent or Norwegian. Your final destination and the flight distance determines the amount of compensation, which can be claimed for. The amount varies from 100€ to 600€ pr. person.

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