Cancelled flights

Unfortunately it is not unusual that a flight is cancelled, and being stranded in an airport is not an unknown scenarie for us. If you have experienced a cancellation, you can be eligible for compensation due to the European Parlament and Councils regulation (EF) nr. 261/2004.

When you experience a cancellation, it is the airlines responsibility to rebook you and get you home as quick as possible. All possible expenses you could experience, it is also the airlines responsibility to cover. If an accommodation is needed, the airlines should cover this too. The cancellation should not be an extra expense for you. Besides catering, the airline has to offer you phone calls, emails or internet, so you can inform whomever your delay may concern. 

These rules are applicable if you travel within EU, Norway, Iceland and Schweitz, with an airline based in EU, your departure is from a country within EU or earlier mentioned countries, or if the airline helds an EU-licens.

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When calculation compensation, there are 3 scenarios set by EF 261/2004.

If your flight is cancelled with under 7 days to departure, or while you are in the airport, you are eligible for compensation, if you end up with being at least 3 hours delayed to your finale destination.

If your flight is cancelled within 7 to 14 days to departure, you are eligible for compensation if the cancellation causes you to be delayed by 4 hours. 

If your flight is cancelled with more than 14 days to departure, there is no right to claim for compensation, but you should be offered tickets to another departure or a refund. 

With cancellations, there are also different types, and some will unfortunately cause you not to get a compensation. If the cancellation happens due to extra ordinary circumstances, you are not eligible for compensation. But it is the airlines responsibility to prove that the cancellation happens due to force majeure, and they had to cancel. If you experience a cancellation, and force majeure is marked as the reason, there is still a chance for compensation. 

By extra ordinary circumstances, EF. 261/2004 has set up different scenarios which goes under force majeure, alias extra ordinary circumstances.


This can for example be

- Extreme weather

- Political happenings or protests

- Terror

- Illegale labour dispute

- Strikes - but Wildcat strikes does not count as an extra ordinary circumstance.  

- Hidden technical errors

- Sickness within the working staff

- Bird Strikes, where the plane collides with birds

- ATC-restrictions, which means that Air Traffic Control makes restrictions that the airlines can refer to, when the airline has taken all reasonable precautions. 


No matter what causes your cancellation, the airlines has to get you home as quickly as possible, and make sure that the cancellation will not be an economic burden for you. 
If you experienced that the airline did not offer to cover your expense, makes sure to save all receipts, then we here at Flycancel can help you get a refund for those. If you have to pay yourself, make sure to keep the expenses on a reasonable level and save the receipts.