What is "Force Majeure"?

If your plane is delayed, cancelled or overbooked, the airline sometimes uses "Force Majeure". Force majeure translate into "greater force", and is a common term used to describe events that cannot be controlled. 

These kinds of events is for example extreme weather, natural disasters, war, terror and outbreak of dangerous diseases.



What happens under Force Majeure?

Flight departures which has been delayed or cancelled due to Force Majeure does not normally trigger compensation. If your flight has been cancelled due to force majeure, you are entitled to get your ticket returned. Besides that you are also entitled to get all extra expenses covered - food, drinks and hotel during your wait.

Actually the airline has to offer free food, drinks and hotel in cases of more long delays - if you have to pay for these, hide the receipts and keep your expenses on a reasonable level - then you can get a refund after. If you need transfer to another airport, due to changes in your departure, the airline has to pay for your transport.


Limit your expenses

Even though it is the airlines duty to make sure you have food, drinks and accommodation if you experience a cancellation - but it is not always that the airlines comply to that. In some cases the airline will ask you to save all documentation for your expenses. If this is the case, we will advise you to keep your expenses on a reasonable level, if you do not wanna risk paying for for example an expensive hotel stay.


Not everything is Force Majeure

An airline can not cancel a departure and refer to force majeure by any event. It has to be an extra ordinary circumstance, that they could not have avoided. If an airline cancels a departure due to force majeure, even though the event does not fall under force majeure, you can be up for compensation according to EU (EF) Paragraph 261/2004. 

Every year we experience in Flycancel that the airlines uses force majeure as an excuse for not paying compensation. If you have a doubt about your right for compensation, contact Flycancel and let us have a look at your case.

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