Delays caused by weather

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Normally no compensation if the delay is caused by bad weather, but..

Delays or cancellation within EU normally trigger compensation, unless this is due to extra ordinary circumstances, force majeure. This is for example strikes, bad weather, war and terror. These go under extra ordinary circumstances and therefor there is no compensation.

It can be an idea to try cases with the weather as a reason for the delay anyways. Here at Flycancel we have good experience with winning cases where the airlines use the weather as an excuse. Remember that we at Flycancel uses "No cure - no pay", so it is free to try your case through us, and you only pay if we win your case.

It is the airline that has to prove the reason for the delay, and if they cannot prove that the delay or cancellation is due to bad weather, then you are eligible for compensation. We therefore tru most cases - even though the weather is given as a reason for delay.

If your plane is cancelled, you have the right to get a refund or a new ticket to the next departure. The airline has to make sure that you end up at your final destination. If you need a lay over, the airline also needs to make sure you have tickets to your connection flight.

Even though the airline cancels or delays due to weather, you are still obligated to show up in the airport, unless the airline communicate else on written warning.