Passenger rights due to technical issues

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Every year many planes are delayed or cancelled due to technical issues. The airline is to blame if your plane cannot take off due to technical issues, and therefor you are eligible for compensation in theses cases.

Notice that you are eligible for compensation, if you arrive at your final destination, with at least 3 hours delay. The amount you are eligible for depends on wether it is a domestic or international departure and the distance between your start and final destination.

Can I get a new ticket or a refund?

If your plane is cancelled due to technical issues, it is normale procedure that the airline will rebook you to the next possible departure. You can also chose to get a refund if the plane is cancelled or delayed at least 5 hours. 

If the departure is cancelled due to technical issues, and the airline does not offer you a new departure in reasonable time, and you find a new departure yourself, Flycancel can help you get a refund for the new ticket.

Here at Flycancel we often experience that the airline uses bad weather as an excuse for their cancellations and delays - even though the real reason is technical issues. Therefor you can be eligible for compensation, even though you was told that you was not. Remember that you can go back 3 years, and apply for compensation for cases that goes back 3 years.