Passengers rights on business trips

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Did you know that you can also get compensation when you are on a business travel? The compensation is payed to the passenger and not the one who payed the ticket. If you experience a delay on a business trip it is you as a passenger, that has to apply for compensation.

Business trips are equated with the same conditions as all other types of travel. Therefore you have the right to compensation if your plane is delayed at least 3 hours, you have been denied boarding or if your plane is cancelled.


Rules for kompensation

If you arrive to your end destination with more than 3 hours delay, you can be eligible for compensation. The amount you are eligible for depends on wether it is a domestic or international departure and the distance between the start and end destination.

You are eligible for 100 euro with domestic flights. 

You are eligible for 250 euro with international departures under 1.500 km in distance.

You are eligible for 400 euro for departures between 1.500 and 3.500 km.

If the distance is more than 600 euro, you are eligible for 600 euro in compensation.

The distance is calculated in airway. 

The compensation can not be achieved if the delay or cancellation is due to force majeure. Remember there are other rules outside of the EU and countries like Schweitz, Norway and Iceland.

Flycancel helps several thousands delayed on a business trip every year. Remember you can apply for compensation on travels up to 3 years old. If you wanna know more about your rights as a passenger, you are more than welcome to contact Flycancel on mail