Compensation in case of bankruptcy

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Since 2015 it has been mandatory for all departures in danish airports to have bankrupt safety. If the airline declares bankrupt, you are entitled to get your money refunded, or to get a new departure.

The bankrupt safety is included in the price of your ticket, and it applies to all tickets bought directly from the airline. Bankruptcy safety ensurer that everybody can come home, if they are stranded in another country with a ticket to a danish airport.

Tickets from a danish travel agency

If you bought your ticket through a danish travel agency, it is their responsibility to rebook you. If you are on vacation, it is the travel dealers responsibility to get you home. The travel agency has to refund your money if it is not possible to rebook you to a, in your opinion, satisfactory departure. 

The travel agency also has to make sure that you have a place to sleep, food and drink, if you are delayed on your departure home. If the travel agency refuses, you can complain to Flycancel, and we can help you cover those expenses. 


If the ticket is a part of a package holiday

If you bought a package holiday through a danish travel agency ( for example flights and hotel) and the airline declared bankruptcy, it is the travel agency's responsibility to rebook you to another airline or to refund the money for the whole package holiday.

If your vacation is interrupted before time due to bankruptcy, you can get a reasonable refund. If you experience problems, you can direct a complaint to The Board of Package Trips. Feel free to contact Flycancel for guidance.



Did you buy your ticket with an internationalt debitcard?

If you bought your ticket with an international debit card - for exampale Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Maestro - it is possible to get your loss covered from the bank.

You as quick as possible have to make an opposition to your cards issuer, often that is your bank, whom then will apply for compensation for you. If you experience problems with this, you can contact The Appeal Board for money institutes if your cards issuer is a bank, and to The Appeal Board for Consumers when your card is not issued from a bank.