Compensation for group travel

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You have the same rights when traveling in groups as you do with ordinary travels. At Flycancel we help many big groups annually, whom have experienced a delay on their travel. To make it easier and more fast, it is best that one person in the group is the contact between the group and Flycancel.


When are you eligible for compensation if you experience a delay or cancellation?

If you arrive to the final destination with at least 3 hours delay, you can be eligible for compensation. The amount you are entitled to, depends on if it is a domestic or international departure, and the distance between the start and end destination. Remember that these are rules set by the EU, and therefore other rules are applicable when traveling outside the EU.

Compensation can be applied for if the airline is responsible for the delay or cancellation. Unfortunately many passagers annually give up to fight against the airlines, which is in favour for the airlines. If your plane has been delayed, cancelled or changed in departure time, you can be eligible for compensation after 3 hours delay. Remember you can go back 3 years and still apply for every cancellation, rebooking or delay you have had experienced in the last 3 years. Contact Flycancel to get information about your rights if you experience a delay or cancellation.