Passengers rights in case of terror

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When a delay or cancellation happens due to terror threats or a terror attack, you cannot as a passenger get compensation. Normally you can only get compensation if the airline is to blame for the delay. 

In cases of bad weather, terror and strikes, the airline cannot be held responsible for the delay.



Guide: Rights in case of terror

  • - You are not eligible for compensation in case of terror, because terror falls under force majeure.
  • - Contact your travel agency and/or the airline as fast as possible to hear what you can do and when you can come home.
  • - You can get your ticket swapped for the next possible departure with the same airline, or if not possible, another airline. You can also chose to get a refund.
  • - After 2 hours, you are entitled to get food and drinks, and free internet and/or phone calls. Besides that, you are entitled to a hotel stay if your delay is over night. 
  • - If the airline does not offer you food, drinks or hotel stay, and you have to pay these yourself, save the receipts - we will help you get a refund. 
  • - Even if your plane is cancelled, you are still obligated to show up in the airport before det original departure time, unless the airlines announce elsewise in writing.
  • - If you travel to a country with more high risk for terror, you should stay in safe distance from political get together and demonstration. As far as possible,  avoid or minimize your stay in places where many people get together.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs guidelines

We advise travelers to follow The Ministry of Foreign Affair and their guidance, which is regularly updated. We advise to read the guide for the country, that you wish to visit, but it is your own responsibility to relate to the given information in the travel guides and other sources ( for example other countries' Ministeries of Foreign Affairs). The guide from The Ministry of Foreign Affair is just guiding, and it is only your decision to make, wether you want to follow it or not.