Passengers rights due to strikes

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Strikes and conflicts between the workers in the airline unfortunately affects many travellers annually. If your flight is delayed or cancelled due to strikes or labour dispute, there is a series of rights securing you as a flight passanger. 


Your rights when a strike or labour dispute happens

If your flight is delayed or cancelled due to labour dispute you have a series of rights that you can claim as a passenger. Read under here and see what you can claim as a passenger when your cancellation or delay is due to labour dispute.


  • If your flight is cancelled due to a strike, the airline normally offers to change your ticket to the next available departure. 
  • If they cannot offer you a departure within reasonable time and therefor rebooks yourself, Flycancel can help you claim the new tickets expenses. 
  • You can also choose to get a refund if the planes delay or cancellation causes you to be at least 5 delayed.
  • After 2 hours you are legally eligible for food and drinks, as well as free internet and phone calls. Besides that you should be offered a hotel stay if your delay demands accommodation. 
  • If the airline does not offer you food, drinks or a hotel stay, and you have to pay yourself, remember to save your receipts - then we will help you get a refund. 

What to do when the airline strikes

    • If there is a warning for strikes, or it looks like a strike is on the way, contact the airline to get clarification on how it will affect you. 
    • If a strike is warned, keep yourself updated by looking at your airport's or the airlines website.
    • Even though the airlines strikes, you are still obligated to show up in the airport - unless the airline has written otherwise.
    • You should as quickly as possible contact your airline or travel agency to inform them wether or not you want a new ticket or a refund.


No compensations due to strikes - unless.. 

If the delay or cancellation happens inside of EU or with a EU-licensed airline, you are normally eligible for compensation. In case of a strike, your compensation rights falls, since it falls under force majeure, and therefor is an extra ordinary circumstance. Due to a new addition the EU regulation 261/2004, you are eligbile for compensation if your strike is under the category Wild Cat Strike, where the workers strikes without approval. 

If a strike is warned, contact the airline or your travel agency to hear what you can do.