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How much can I get in compensation?

The amount you are eligible for, depends on the distance your travel was. Please notice that the distance is calculated in air lines and not driving routes.

Your compensation is therefor calculated like this:

You are eligible for 100 euro when it is a domestic flight.

With travels under 1.500 km you are eligible for 250 euro.

You are eligible for 400 euro in compensation with flights between 1.500 and 3.500 km.  

With flights over 3.500 km you are eligible for 600 euro. 

This is adopted of EU (due to EF. 261/2004 about flight passengers rights). This regulation makes it possible for passengers to get a compensation with travels within EU and countries like Schweitz, Norway and Iceland.

If you travelled to a destination outside of the EU, the departure has to start in a EU-country.


When am I eligible for compensation?

Following the EU-regulation 261/2004 about flight passengers rights, you are eligible for compensation if your plane has been delayed with 3 hours. Please notice that the delay is not calculated from the time of departure, but the arrival time. In other words, you need to be at least 3 hours later at your arrival destination, from the original stated arrival time, to be eligible for compensation. If you experience a denial in boarding, and that ends up making you delayed to your final destination with 3 hours, you are also eligible for compensation. 

The EU regulation 261/2004 applies for all travels within EU and in countries like Schweitz, Norway and Iceland - and travels conducted by airlines belonging to these countries. If you travelled to a destination outside of EU, the land of departure has to be a country within the EU to make you eligible for compensation.

If you experience a cancellation or a delay with a departure to or from Turkey you also eligible for compensation - however there are other rules in this scenario. Contact Flycancel if you have questions about your delay, with departures within the EU and also to Turkey.


When do I have to be informed about the delay to be eligible for compensation?

If the airline contacts you with more than 14 days to departure, there is no right to claim compensation.

If the airline contacts you between 7 og 13 days before departure, there has to be at least a 4 hours change in arrival time, before you can claim compensation.

If the airline contacts you with less than 7 days to departure, there has to be at least 2 hours delay - this will make you eligible for 50% of the compensation. With delays over 4 hours, you are eligible for 100% compensation. Besides that, it is the airlines responsibility to rebook you if it is a cancellation. 

If your plane gets cancelled, while you are in the airport, you can apply for compensation after 2 hours delay. If you have any doubt about your cancellation, you are more than welcome to contact Flycancel.


What can I get compensated?

You can get all reasonable expenses covered by the airline. After 2 hours delay the airline has to offer you food and drinks - and a hotelstay if the delay is overnight. If they do not offer you this, save all your receipts and let Flycancel help you get them covered.


How much is it to use Flycancel?

It does not cost anything to start a case through Flycancel. We work with the principle "no cure, no pay", which means that you only pay if you win the case and the airline pays your compensation. In that case, we take a small admissions fee.

Standard Pricec


Distance in KM Compensation (international departures)* We claim – only if we win your case
0-1499 250€/ Person 78€/ Person
1500-3499 400€/ Person 131€/ Person
3500+ 600€/ Person 195€/ Person

* With domestic departures you are eligible for 100€/person (due to EU. regulation 261/2004).


How long does it take to make a compensation claim?

The time for responses on a compensation claim varies from airline to airline. SAS-claims is typically only 1-3 months, whereas for example Turkish Airline-cases rarely gets finalised within 8-9 months. 

The processing time depends on where your departure is from, since the compensation must be claimed in the country the delay happened from. If your country of departure for example is Malaga, the claim needs to be made in Spain.


What airlines can I apply for compensation with?

In principle you can claim compensation from all airlines. It is possible for you to get compensation from all european owned airlines. with non-european airlines, you can get a compensation if the delay, cancellation or denied boarding happens in a EU airport. 

Is there a time limit on when I can apply for compensation?

You have 3 years to apply for compensation. That means if you have had experienced a delay, cancellation or was denied boarding within the last 3 years, you can make a claim for compensation.