Delayed or Cancelled Flight with Pegasus Airlines


Pegasus Airlines, which annually transports over 22 million passengers to 103 destinations worldwide, is best known for its low-cost routes to Turkey.

Due to their favourable prices, Pegasus Airlines is one of the most used airline companies in Denmark while traveling toward southern and sunny Turkey.

Rules for Delayed or Cancelled Flights with Pegasus Airlines

Passengers often experience both flight cancellations and delays while using Pegasus Airlines. Luckily they can comfort themselves with the opportunity to get a compensation with value of up to 600 € per person

According to EU Regulation 261/2004 about air passenger rights, you can claim for compensation if your flight is cancelled, delayed for at least 3 hours or if you are denied for boarding. The regulation applies to trips made within EU (including Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, etc.) and with airline companies that belong to these countries. Therefore, it is a bit more complicated while traveling to and from Turkey

While traveling from Denmark (or another EU country) to Turkey, the above mentioned rules are applied. However, if you travel from Turkey with Pegasus Airlines, Turkish legislation is applicable. The legislation states that you should be delayed for minimum of 7.5 hours in order to get the compensation.

The only exceptions to the 7.5-hour rule are the flights with transfers. If your first flight is so late that you miss your next connection flight, you may be entitled to a compensation.

It's Just Easy to Claim for Compensation for Delayed Pegasus Flights

Pegasus is really good at paying compensation when they accept that they are responsible for the flight delay or cancellation. The problem, however, is to get Pegasus accepting their responsibility of flight disruption. At Flycancel we are dealing against airline companies like Pegasus Airlines, trying to get the compensation for the passengers.

Comparing, for example, to SAS airlines much more paperwork is required at Pegasus and Turkish Airlines cases. In order to start a case against Pegasus Airlines, a copy of the passenger's passport and a copy of the ticket or reservation has to be added.

If you cannot find your ticket, the hope is not gone. You can get a copy of your ticket by contacting your travel agent or Pegasus Airlines. Please note that you can claim for compensation for the trips made with Pegasus Airlines which are up to 3 years old counting from today.

How to Deal with Delayed or Cancelled Pegasus Flights

At Flycancel you can start a compensation case for your Pegasus flight delay or cancellation. In order to start a claim against Pegasus, just make a compensation request on our homepage and submit a copy of your ticket along with a copy of your passport.

Our team will investigate your case and evaluate your right to compensation. You will be then contacted by Flycancel and be informed about your right to compensation and the case in general.

The amount to be claimed depends on whether it is a domestic or international flight and the distance between the starting and final destinations.

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