Were you delayed with Easyjet?


Easjyjet is the second largest low-cost airline in Europe – only surpassed by Ryanair. The airline was founded in 1995. They fly to 132 destinations worldwide. The airline has surpassed British Airways and become the most used airline in Great Britain.

Delayed or cancelled Easyjet flight? Here are your rights

Easyjet is popular airline in Europe. Many use them for their low-priced flights. But these flights do get cancelled, delayed or overbooked from time to time. Luckily, Easyjet passengers may be entitled to compensation through the EU Regulation 261/2004.

The EU Regulation 261/2004 applies to all European airlines. Easyjet is a European airline. So, passengers travelling with Easyjet are entitled to compensation, if certain criteria are met.

You may be entitled to compensation, if your Easyjet flight gets cancelled, overbooked or delayed for at least 3 hours upon arrival. But Easyjet must be responsible for the delay. Easyjet cannot be held accountable for delays due to bad weather conditions for instance.

Get compensated for your Easyjet flight delay

Easyjet is actually quite good at paying compensation – once they accept that they blamable for the delay. The hard part is to convince Easyjet that they are in fact blamable. Easyjet may plead that they are “innocent”. Flycancel has dealt situations like these before.

The Aviation Authorities decide weather or not airlines are responsible for flight delays. They look at reports provided by the airlines. But they also look at reports from airports and reports from meteorological institutes. They assess all reports and make their final decisions accordingly.

Easyjet must compensate you, if The Aviation Authorities conclude that the airline is responsible for the delay. No airline can go against a decision made by The Aviation Authorities. The decision is final, and the airline must compensate you.

Start a claim against Easyjet right now!

You can claim for compensation against Easyjet through Flycancel. It is quite easy to start a case against Easyjet. Just got to www.flycancel.com. Fill out the compensation form on the homepage. Make sure that you have uploaded your ticket as well.

You can get a copy of your ticket by contacting your travel agent or Easyjet, if you have lost it. You can claim compensation for older Easyjet flights as well. The flight cannot be older than 3 years though.

You are entitled to 100 € per person for all domestic flights. You are entitled to 250€ - 400€ in compensation for flights within Europe (depending on your travel distance). You are entitled to 600€ pr. person if you travel between continents and your flight distance is more than 3500 kilometers.

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